Selasa, 04 September 2012

Contoh Soal Noun Clause

1.     Where do you live  ?    
     (don't know where you live
2. When does the bank open ?
(Can you tell me when the bank opens
3. What did they play last night ?
     (Do you know what they played last night
4. Where can I go to London ?
(  I am not sure where I can go to London

5. What should I do for her ?
( I am not sure what I should do for her

6. How long have you studied TOEFL ?
( I am not sure how long you have studied TOEFL

7. How much has she gained her weight ?
(  I am not sure how she has gained her weight

8. Who is she ?
          ( I am not sure who she is

9. When does the train leave ?
     (  Mr.John wants to know when the train leaves

10. where did I put the bag ?
     (  I can’t remember I put the bag

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